Car Washing Weather

Greetings, all! Our upcoming forecast for the next 5 days looks beautiful + dry, and that’s perfect for washing cars:

Weather forecast showing cold dry days

It’s a great time to stop in and clean off all the salt and crud that has built up in the wake of our last few snowstorms. Our Works Wash or Undercarriage Wash options (both with Simoniz) will both help protect your car from the salt’s corrosive effects. When you stop in for your next wash, be sure to ask about our loyalty program. After 10 washes, you receive a Works Wash for free!

Depicts car wash with sun shining and open sign

Spring Detailing For Your Car 778-2078

We are now taking appointments for detailing! (778-2078)  After a long winter let us get all that grime out of your vehicle’s interior and apply a  protective coat of our special paint sealing wax to make your paint shine. We pay special attention to those hard-to-reach areas where most cleaners don’t go and use only the highest-quality cleaning products.  SAMSUNGSAMSUNG